Worm Moon Dragon

I am becoming dragon

on this super worm

moon of Spring,

where the light

meets the dark

in equal measure.

This is great mother dragon,

fierce, strong, protective.

Her vast wings are sprouting

from my back,

pushing through the cracks

of my shoulder blades.

Carefully unfurling

on this equinox

as she emerges

from the softening earth

before life begins to quicken.

My back is sore,

these wings are huge;

this dragon is mighty

a fire force not

to be messed with.

I am in awe that

she has chosen

me for her protection.

I am honoured.

Her knowledge

is as old

as the elements.

She is water,

her scales

shimmer in the reflection

of my tears.

Her claws are sharp,

tearing firmly

into rock and earth,

and her tail stretches a

a thousand fathoms deep

to the bottom of the oceans

Her breath is fire,

and feeds me

with such a strong

bellow blast that

even Belenus looks down

from his equinox dawn

and wonders if the flames

have fallen from his chariot

as he rises in the sky.

My dragon wings are ready

now to take flight.

They will carry me

all the way to China

where I will meet

many dragons.

I am lizard,

I am snake

I am winged worm

moon mother.

Catch me and I

will turn your heart

into liquid gold.

I am Tiamat.