Runes n Roses

Born out of dreams


It all started when…

at the beginning of 2018, I had three clear dreams where I was given a set of runes. I knew nothing about the runes…but took these dream messages as a sign I should start working with them. I have manifested my own rune set, have journeyed with each rune to understand its meaning, travelling through the Uthark runic labyrinth to the Well of Urd and back, and called in Freyja in a High Seat Ceremony. Now I am deep in the world of Norse mythology, alongside an immersion in Celtic studies. I offer rune and rose card readings with ritual and ceremony. I also run guided small group tours of the ancient landscapes of the South Downs to connect with the stories these whale backed hills keep close.

I am a dancer, a writer and a performer. Above all, I am a dreamer. My ancient Celtic and Nordic roots dig deep into this landscape, from the South Downs to Dartmoor, from Glasgow to Iona, through to Oslo and my Scandinavian DNA. I have traced a branch of my lineage back to the Norman Vikings. The runes are my natural, intuitive oracle. Let them work through me with you.


Serena Constance

Rune Reader, Brighton and Hove, UK