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People that Heal

Some of the people I know with talented healing skills

Gray Wolf Healing, San Miquel De Allende, Mexico

In Spring 2017 I found myself in the centre of the historic town of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico dancing with Gray Wolf at a special party of one of my dearest friends. Gray Wolf has since become my friend, mentor, healer and guide.


Massage Therapy, Brighton and Portsmouth

After my mother passed away in November 2017, I sought regular massage and reflexology to help treat the physical symptoms of grief. I discovered the incredible healing hands of two wonderful therapists:

Louise Mayberry, based in Southsea, is a fantastic reflexologist and hot stone massage therapist.

Rebecca Kaye provides healing massage treatment in Hove. Her treatments always work wonders; they take me to a deep place of connection and release.


Biodanza Heart in Motion, sweatlodges, fire ceremonies and women’s circles, Brighton and Crowborough

At the beginning of 2017 I was recovering from a long and deep depression where I had become very stuck in my shadow self. I needed to dance again, and I found Asha Sali’s Biodanza classes just round the corner from my home. Those classes formed part of my path back to wellness.

Asha also holds powerful, healing sweatlodges in the heart of the beautiful Ashdown Forest, the last remnants of the ancient Celtic Forest of Andred. I regularly attend Asha’s fire circles at Whitehawk Community Orchard, overlooking the site of the Bronze Age Whitehawk Camp, a place of sacred ceremony 5000 years ago on top of the South Downs. Asha runs monthly women’s circles at Two Feathers in Brighton.